Wenger Open For Wilshere Offer

Wenger Open For Wilshere Offer

Arsenal’s Arsenal tactician, Arsene Wenger, is reportedly ready to serve incoming bids for Jack Wilshere, the article Wenger until now has not been able to guarantee time playing on the midfielder Judi Bola.

Wilshere himself ordained last season as a loan player in Bournemouth and mengolsi 34 England caps are successfully making 27 appearances in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, the midfielder suffered an injury in April, and had received a red karu when defending Arsenal U-23 against Manchester City earlier this week.

Wenger also claimed to be ready to accept an offer for Wilshere, whose career is always interrupted by injury constraints.

“I’m open with Wilshere,” Wenger told the fast-paced media.

“We talked with each other honestly, I am open about what is best for him. He is in his career where he has to play and I can not guarantee that. So I think I’m open with all the options. “

Barcelona Again Submit Offers for Coutinho

Barcelona Again Submit Offers for Coutinho

Spanish giants, Barcelona, reportedly now re-bid for Liverpool bomber, Philippe Coutinho.

Ernesto Valverde’s team has now made a bid for the fourth time with a transfer fee of 138 million pounds.

These costs include £ 101m for Coutinho and £ 37m for bonuses.

However, some time ago, the Reds coach, Jurgen Klopp has rejected Barca bid twice.

But despite being rejected by Liverpool, do not break the spirit of Barcelona to bring the Brazilian players to Camp Nou.

Barcelona seems to be preparing again to accept rejection from the Liverpool side.

That’s because it will retain Coutinho in a long time.

Falling in love with Persija and Jakmania, Reinaldo wants to stay long

Falling in love with Persija and Jakmania, Reinaldo wants to stay long

Persija Jakarta attacker, Reinaldo Elias da Costa, admitted in love with the city of Jakarta and Jakmania, as the team supporters. That love grows since he officially joined Persija.

Reinaldo brought by Persija from PSM Makassar in the transfer market mid-season League 1 2017. He was plotted to replace Luiz Carlos Junior.

Although Jakarta is very jammed, Reinaldo understands the condition. He’s trying to enjoy his new environment slowly.

“Jakarta is a big city and Jakmania always supports Persija,” Reinaldo said.

“The people of Jakarta are very close to soccer and they understand what kind of football,” added Reinaldo.

The Brazilian felt Jakmania’s full support in two Persija matches. In these two matches, Reinaldo contributed two goals.

On the basis of love for Jakarta and Jakmania, Reinaldo also wanted to defend Persija for a long time. No matter, President Director Gede Widiade only gave the contract until the end of the 2017 season.

“You have to look into the feelings of incredible players seeing that support,” Reinaldo said.

“I feel very welcome here and want to be here for a long time,” said the 88th-backed player.

8 Best Indonesian Forces At Sea Games

8 Best Indonesian Forces At Sea Games

Since the 1987 Sea Games, the Indonesian national team has often brought sharp strikers Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. Many Garuda strikers show off in this grandest multievent event in Southeast Asia. Who are they? The following Football team summarizes it:

1. Ricky Yacobi (Sea Games 1987)

In 1987 the Indonesian national team recorded gold ink football Indonesia in the event the Sea Games. They won for the first time for the first time. This is the first international trophy ever captured Indonesia national team. Thai domination broken. Malaysia’s strength is buried. What a heroic achievement.

Indeed Waidi Ribut who scored mere puppet in the final of 1987 when defeated Malaysia with the score 1-0. But for the position of attackers at that time, Indonesia is very dependent on Ricky Yacobi.

Nicknamed Paul Breitner of Indonesia, Ricky also lined up as team captain in this tournament. It’s not much scoring (one goal) in this tournament. But again, players who had grazed in Japan is worthy of being Indonesia’s best attacker in the event the Sea Games.

2. Mustaqim (Sea Games 1989)

Former coach of Persija is listed his name as the first hattrick printers for Indonesia in the SEA Games event. Hattrick is inscribed Mustaqim when Indonesia cleared Brunei with a score of 6-0. Total four goals created Mustaqim throughout the SEA Games in 1989. One more goal dilesakkan when cooking Philippines.

3. Rochy Putiray (Sea Games 1991)

At that age was fairly young when joining the 1991 Sea Games Sea team made by Anthony Polosin even he did not have many caps with tinnas. Striker who is known nyenytrik this was not afraid to compete with big names such as Bambang Nurdiansyah, Robby Darwis and Eddy Harto.

He immediately scored his debut with the national team in this event. Initial international goal Rochy Putiray successfully printed at the 1991 SEA Games in Malaysia contra Malaysia in the inaugural phase phase of the group. He then scored one more goal in the last group phase match against the Philippines. Indonesia itself finally managed to steal a gold medal in the event. After this tournament his name continues to shine in this event. In total he scored four goals in the overall Sea Games event.

4. Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto (Sea Games 1995 and 1997)

Kurniawan’s name began to show his tawinya as a primavera dropout at the Sea Games 1995. In that event he managed to create a hat trick while slaying Brunei Darussalam with a score of 10-0. Unfortunately tap the goal stalled because Indonesia swallowed a 1-0 defeat of Vietnam, thus failing to qualify for the semi-finals. This record repeats the failure of Indonesia in SEA Games 1983. Total four goals he print in this competition.

The greatness of the Thin continued in the event Sea Games 1997 in Jakarta. This time with a more mature experience of players who had grazed in Sampdoria is directly show off in the inaugural match opponent Laos. He scored a winning 5-2 win over Laos.

His goal tap continues to flow in four matches Indonesia. Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines managed to break it down with one goal. Total four goals that he printed in qualifying as well as bring Indonesia advanced to the semifinals.

Had not scored in the semis, Kurniawan scored in the final against Thailand. Unfortunately his goal did not succeed in bringing Garuda’s squad to reach gold due to losing on penalties.

In total in two arena Sea Games Kurniawan scored nine, which is the most goals for the Indonesian striker in this event.

Klopp Call Liverpool Unlucky and Watford’s Goal “Offside”

Klopp Call Liverpool Unlucky and Watford’s Goal “Offside”

Liverpool FC stuck at Watford in the Premier League game of 2017-2018 season. Both teams played a 3-3 draw at Vicarage Road on Saturday (08/12/2017).

Watford’s goal scored by Stefano Okaka in the eighth minute, Abdoulaye Doucoure (32 ‘), and Miguel Britos (90 + 4’)

The Liverpool goal before the break was printed by Sadio Mane (29 ‘), followed by Roberto Firmino (55’) and Mohamed Salah (57 ‘) in the second half.

Related to these results, Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp, said that his team was not lucky. In addition, the German coach was also called Watford’s last offside goal.

“We are not lucky,” said Juergen Klopp.

“The (latter) goal is offside, obviously because the linesman is in his position, he needs to see it again,” he said.

Klopp said Liverpool deserved a win, although Watford had some menacing moments, especially from the dead ball situation.

Watford, Klopp said, played with physical reliance and Liverpool got into trouble in the first half although then they played better in the second half.

“I’m not very happy with the position placement of players when the score 3-2, much we have to fix,” said Klopp.

“The second half was much better, but we forgot to ‘end’ the game,” he said.

Liverpool and Klopp seem to have to quickly forget the draw and focus on the next game.

Liverpool will travel to Germany to face Hofffenheim in their first leg Champions League play-off match on Tuesday (08/15/2017) or Wednesday morning GMT.

Howe Wants Positive Trends Bournemouth Continues

Howe Wants Positive Trends Bournemouth Continues

Bournemouth tactician Eddie Howe hopes that a good team performance last season can continue through this summer.

Thanks to a glorious performance then The Cherries in the 2016-2017 competition successfully finish in the ninth position which is the best achievement since the promotion in 2014-2015 years ago.

With that note then Howe who is now 39-year-old wanted to Jermain Defoe Cs can continue with the consistent and he also called his team is ready to arungi Premier League new season.

“We have built a good momentum at the end of last season. We would love to start the new season with a strong team, “Eddie Howe told the media.

“I feel my players have to be fit, we need a fight against like Napoli. I’m looking forward to the next competition, hoping to fight and play for points.

“The pre-season has been good and I think we’re ready for the new season.”