Winks Glad To Face The Idol

Winks Glad To Face The Idol

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks has said that it is very special to play against Luka Modric, his idol when the crowning player is still at Spurs.

The English-born midfielder is a promising young player at White Hart Lane when Modric is still at the London club, before he was bought Madrid in 2012, then won three Champions League titles.

In the European elite competition is also the two of them met, Winks appear impressive before praising the 32-year-old idol.

“When I was in the youth academy, he was someone I always observed at White Hart Lane,” said Winks, who is 11 years younger than Modric.

“I still admire him until now, he is fantastic, world-class players. Playing against it is very special. ”

“He and Toni Kroos are world-class players, players I admire, so when playing against them it is very difficult not to be captivated.”

“But I try to ignore it all, treat it as a normal match and like other players. Playing on the same pitch, you will realize their quality and how good they are. “

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