Comments Coach Persija After Visit to Arema Headquarters

Comments Coach Persija After Visit to Arema Headquarters

Coach of Persija, Stefano Cugurra ‘Teco’ appreciate the performance of players following a 1-1 draw against Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Sunday (24/09/2017).

Teco admits holding off Arema is not easy. Moreover Singo Edan is known to be strong at home.

“Persija able to master the game in the first half with one goal created from Bambang ulam,” said Teco. “The concentration of players is pretty good, although in the second half had declined so we conceded.”

Teco also denied the failure of the Kemayoran Tiger to maintain its superiority as a mythical proof. Persija previously never beat Arema in Malang.

“I can not believe this result because the myth of Persija that has not won in 14 years in Malang, which I certainly think Arema draw draw as a pretty good result,” he explained.

Persija defender Gunawan Dwi Cahyo is also grateful for the team result. He is also satisfied to be able to block the movement of veteran striker, Cristian Gonzalez.

“I admit tonight is a pretty heavy game.The job of the coach to escort Gonzales we managed to run even though we conceded in the second half,” said Gunawan.

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