Howe Wants Positive Trends Bournemouth Continues

Howe Wants Positive Trends Bournemouth Continues

Bournemouth tactician Eddie Howe hopes that a good team performance last season can continue through this summer.

Thanks to a glorious performance then The Cherries in the 2016-2017 competition successfully finish in the ninth position which is the best achievement since the promotion in 2014-2015 years ago.

With that note then Howe who is now 39-year-old wanted to Jermain Defoe Cs can continue with the consistent and he also called his team is ready to arungi Premier League new season.

“We have built a good momentum at the end of last season. We would love to start the new season with a strong team, “Eddie Howe told the media.

“I feel my players have to be fit, we need a fight against like Napoli. I’m looking forward to the next competition, hoping to fight and play for points.

“The pre-season has been good and I think we’re ready for the new season.”

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